Fatherly Fatherliness

What better way to spend MY day than to breakfast on Raymond’s french toast (compliments of my lovely wife), strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, fresh brewed coffee, peruse the New York Times, and catch the first half of Ecuador vs. Switzerland in World Cup 2014 action? The only thing that could make it better: have west coast family share in the feast…to be continued in October!


1) Fast, fantastic, frustrating, fear-inducing.

2) Aweseome, agitating, aggravating.

3) Terrific, terrifying.

4) Heckuva ride.

5) Excellent, energizing, effortful.

6) Rarely dull.

7) Hey, take a look at 4.

8) OMG!

9) Ordinarily, I don’t use OMG, but on MY day I get a pass.

10) Damnit, it’s going by way too fast.

What more can I say? I love everything that has qualified this day to be MINE. There is nothing I would change…er, um, well…maybe a few more clothes folded sooner, rings of syrup wiped from counters without having to ask, fish tanks cleaned and fish fed rather than leaving them to die, empty toilet paper rolls replaced, crumbs of cereal/last swallows of milk/sole cookies consumed instead of left in boxes/containers/bags.

Other than that, pure, unadulterated, above averageness.

Father's Day 2014

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