Simma Down Na

Seems like a lifetime ago we were noting our kids’ first major milestones.

First roll over. First crawl. First steps. This one made her first poopoo in the potty. That one said “dog.”

Both siblings-in-law are right in the thick of the milestone noting. They’re coming rapid-fire, just like I remember.

On the other hand, our kids’ milestones have become much more spread out. Less frequent, perhaps, but super meaningful in ways different from when they were babies.

In this next stage of their lives, we are witnessing growth toward academic inquiry, athletic prowess and achievement, and the wonder, excitement, and satisfaction they generate are just as fulfilling and meaningful as their first steps, words, birthdays.

The oldest is currently charged with delivering a PowerPoint presentation as a finale to writing a five-page research paper on J.K. Rowling.

The youngest just played his first competitive travel team baseball game and hit a “home run.”

First Home Run
Photo courtesy of Doug Snyder

I’m yelling like a madman as my boy rounds third base, the crowd cheering him on. The kid just hit a single that should have had him out at first, but because of an error from shortstop to first base and an overthrow of second, he gets credited with an inside-the-park home run. In that moment, there was nothing more exciting than watching #1 round the bases.

Major milestone.

Soon they’ll be grown and out on their own. “Soon,” meaning in ten years. But the jump from 17 years away to now less than ten happened lightning fast, and seems to be picking up speed daily.

I’m counting down the hours until Monday when I get to visit my daughter’s classroom for her presentation.

Looking forward to notching another major milestone.

Hopefully, I won’t yell like a madman when she transitions to her final slide.

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