Thoughts from a seven-year old:

My dad told me Jeremy played for his high school and won the state championship in 2006.

That’s weird. He’s short. He’s skinny. He doesn’t look like the other guys.

My dad said he went to a really good college. My dad said he didn’t get drafted by the NBA.

My dad said he was sleeping on his brother’s couch for a while.

I asked my dad why he had to sleep on his brother’s couch if he’s an NBA player, don’t they make lots of money and can afford to buy a big house?

My dad said he doesn’t care about money and stuff like that.

He’s just playing the game of basketball.

My dad told me that some players think money is more important than anything else, and they do dumb things like buy guns and bring them into their locker room, and get silly tattoos and change their names to “Metta World Peace” even though they like to fight with fans and throw cheap elbows when the refs aren’t looking because their game isn’t very exciting and they need to find ways to draw attention to themselves.

I asked my dad why he’s smiling all the time.

He said he’s having fun.

Go Vikes!

Aren’t all basketball players having fun?

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  1. AR says:

    And, of course, we have to have the ethnic/cultural/religious debate about Jeremy. We have to endlessly discuss which group he belong to, make the comparisons to Tebow, and remind everyone about ethnic stereotypes. We need to have this conversation until everyone gets board and just wants to go back to watching a great basketball player play the game.

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