It’s nearly 2:00 AM and I find myself checking in with Taiwan, after catching up on Americal Idol which was interrupted by my plectron blurting out a mutual aid call involving a patient with difficulty breathing and a history of seizures, the rain relentlessly beating us down over the last several days, and the gold fish woefully neglected, a leaky gutter downspout which has created a new, but unwelcome, water feature complementing the southwestern corner of the house, the thrice vandalized sprinkler head fixed once more, anxiously awaiting two nova zemblas to replace one long gone and the other on its way, contemplating a refi as recommended by the financial planner but wondering exactly when I will find the time to gather the required paperwork, three sizable jobs active and effectively kicking my butt, vendors patiently awaiting payment on projects completed more than 45 days ago, mirrors to hang, light bulbs finally replaced, bare walls yearning for artwork, my boy asking when we can play Lego Minotaur and unintentionally heaping guilt on my shoulders for my placing work ahead of quality kid time…it’s now 2:00 AM, and I wonder, sometimes, why I have trouble sleeping.

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