The U.S. Is as the U.S. Does

I understand peoples’ emotional reaction toward the U.S. taking out Bin Laden after a ten-year man hunt. But exactly how does his assassination help mend global U.S./Islamic relations, diminish the threat from Al Qaeda and its sympathizers, improve its relationship with Hamas, Pakistan, Afghanistan, help put an end to the “wars” on terror, set it apart as a nation that values “human rights,” improve Arab/Israeli relations, make my wife feel safer on the train on her way in and out of the city?

Have we really become a nation that celebrates killing another human being by waving flags and chanting in the streets just like the radical Muslims we watch and condemn on Al Jazeera for behaving similarly?

Oh, that’s right, we don’t shoot AK-47s in the air while celebrating.

And, damn it, what good is kill ordering the leader of the world’s largest anti-U.S. terrorist organization and mastermind of 9/11 if gas is still going to cost me the same at the pump?!?

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  1. Scott R says:

    “Oh, that’s right, we don’t shoot AK-47s in the air while celebrating.”

    You’re forgetting, gunfire in the US is reserved for New Year’s Day. And maybe 4th of July.

    Good post.

    1. workychief says:

      . . . and town hall meetings in front of supermarkets.

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