Paradise Postponed

I’m not sure I can remember the last time, if ever, I posted anything other than raves about the two beasts to whom we gave birth nearly 10 and 7 years ago, respectively. Seems a bit peculiar to be so skewed in the positive direction. I suppose it’s good <and healthy!> to balance the scales every once in a while.

Here I am in my office, having intended to watch Idol with the kids, but ultimately opting out because their bickering was simply too much to bear after wall to wall hours in front of the computer today dealing with military, healthcare, branding, etc. I must say those two on occasion are The Bickersons.

workydaddy’s idea of down time definitely ‘aint listening to the boy yell at the girl for grabbing the remote from him when in his mind it was his turn to manage the DVR, blah, blah, blah.

More wine, less whine, please.

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