Today was a very, very good day.

I scored us a new car with bluetooth and an assortment of nifty doohickies. More on that later.

First, let me say this: until tonight, there were never winners and losers in this family, this school district, this town, on this earth. Just happy participants who all received an identical trophy award at the end of the season for good sportsmanship, not taunting, not bragging, not overtly celebrating one’s triumphs and achievements, for not singling out individual performance. For not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not…

Tonight to hell with the nots! It took about 17.01 seconds for my girl to go from nonchalant about joining the town’s track team because she wasn’t sure if she’d know anybody, to celebrating her first place finish in the 100. And guess what? In this new form of competition, foreign to us during the last nearly nine years of dabbling here and there in team sports, there’s a winner, a second place finisher, a third place finisher, and so on. Real life stuff here, not the bubble of non-competition in which our kids and their peers have thus far lived. And it felt damn good rooting for her to run like the wind and leave the others in the dust. Nobody chastised her for crossing the finish line first and celebrating her victory. Her competitors shed no tears over losing the race. Just honest, hard fought competition without any fuss.

Run, Forest, Run!

1) It took much will power and composure to stifle my instinct to climb the bleachers and Running Man dance interpret my pride from watching my little girl kick some proverbial ass.

Speaking of ass kicking, earlier in the day, my boy dusted off his fighting gear after a week’s respite from Taekwon-Do and challenged a higher belt opponent to a sparring match for winner avoids doing push-ups.

A valuable lesson taught and learned: if you score higher than your opponent by combining punches and kicks, and staying in the fight zone, you get to sit and watch your opponent drop and give the master twenty.

2) See 1) above and substitute “girl” with “boy.”

Cue Theme from Rocky

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