Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night

Maybe the pint with only two pieces of broccoli and the rest sesame chicken heralded a night of endless possibilities.

Cars!Or, maybe it was the excitement Friday night and the beginning of the weekend bring. The green light given for a sleepover with her BFF. That she had finished one magnificent Powder Puff Derby car design and construction and devised a back-up plan in case the first were disqualified for failing to meet the height requirements.

Or, maybe it was the drive to the church to register her cars for the race, Z-100 turned up high and she and her best friend in back giggling and squeaking and chattering, the first clear, spring-like night in many months, Heelys on, jackets off…Powder Puff Derby

I couldn’t help but marvel at how my little girl is transforming into such an independent, vivacious, young woman.

Conversely, that same view of the world feeling new and unexplored, everything seeming electrified, and my own feelings of invincibility have waned a bit as I’ve gotten older and increased my responsibilities as a father and business owner. Admittedly, I felt a sliver of melancholy witnessing the girls’ care-free craziness. But the lust I once felt for Friday nights out in search of adventure has been replaced by a desire to hunker down with the family on the couch and catch up on whether Casey’s survived being voted off of American Idol.

My mother used to say watching us grow up was like reading chapters in a book. Where one chapter ended, a new, exciting chapter began, and she couldn’t wait to read our new chapters as we went on to write them. I might have rolled my eyes a few times after hearing her say it on more than one occasion.

But now I understand exactly what she meant. And I can’t wait to “read” what happens next.

A Sign of Good Things to Come?


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