Blue Man Group Inspires

Blue Man Group
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25 years later, they’re still going strong and surprisingly fresh.

We finally got around to bringing the kids to NYC tonight to see Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theatre (wife scored free tickets). What a treat!

My favorite parts were peering at the kids’ enormous smiles and drinking in their laughter (originating from LIVE THEATRE!* and not Sponge Bob on Nick).

Almost equally enjoyable was witnessing BMG take a jab at the “text messaging/screen staring” generation when a text “conversation” between two giant smart phones is displayed in which one of the texters proposes a face to face “3-D” meeting whereby the two could enjoy each others’ company and actually look each other in the eye and the other texter calls the idea absurd and unnecessary, that “2-D” is the only way.

Live theater. Humans entertaining humans. People gathered in one room laughing and clapping together. Volunteers from the audience. Performer/audience interaction.

No smart phone or computer screen experience even comes close.

*Theatre spelling (and subsequent use of “effect”) intended to effect pretentiousness.

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