Health Caring

I don’t do medical very well. Not good with doctors. Despise the healthcare system. I’m cynical about it all. (Is anyone not?) Socialized medicine anyone? Obamacare? Do I hear Romneycare?

I recently saw a doctor about a chronically painful growth on my left foot. “We’ll need to take an X-Ray,” my doctor said.

But this is a fleshy, non-skeletal issue, I thought to myself. Why not go straight to MRI?

Why? I’ll tell you why. Because the system blows.

More expensive procedures like MRI’s get prescribed after the less expensive X-Ray procedure is performed, technicians, radiologists, doctors, and copays are paid, premiums are deducted, and insurance companies have done everything within their power to prevent any of it from occurring in the first place.

And I get flustered because I know full well going into the X-Ray that I’m going to have to interrupt the daily routine not once, but twice, nay, three times just to get from Point A (complaint leads to X-Ray) to Point B (diagnosis only possible through MRI with contrast).

Needless to say, it took weeks from my initial complaint to my doctor to the actual surgical procedure last Friday. And all along, no one could definitively confirm whether or not my fleshy-tissuey-mass-like-ganglian-cyst-cancerous-tumor-growth was life threatening. Still waiting on that one. Wednesday’s D-Day.

Despite the unpleasantness of this whole ordeal, I felt compelled to point out a couple of bright lights that shone amidst all of my pain and suffering.

First, the specialist doctor, or podiatrist, is an angel. Not only did she meet with me twice prior to the procedure, but she walked me through all of the steps, shared her views of the film, and made every attempt to reassure me that this unknown mass is nothing to worry about. The second meeting prior to my operation she spent answering my questions. She didn’t look at the floor when she spoke to me. She looked me in the eyes. She didn’t run out of the room after 2 minutes. She stayed, until she was sure I had asked her everything I needed to ask. AND…after my surgery, SHE CALLED ME AT HOME TO CHECK HOW I WAS DOING!! Has anyone EVER been called by their surgeon for a check-in?!?

Second, THE SURGERY CENTER CALLED ME AT HOME TO CHECK HOW I WAS DOING!! Has anyone EVER been called by their surgery center for a check-in?!?

If I weren’t already prone (icing my foot), I’d have fallen flat on my back in utter shock from medical practitioners actually taking time to check my health status.

Instead of the system blowing as usual, these two events truly blew me away.

I NEVER thought I’d bestow kudos on any aspect of the healthcare experience. Yes, my friends, you heard it here first.

Now, if only the healthcare company can keep from screwing it all up by sending me some outrageous bill because they deem the procedure uncovered.

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