Today went something like this:

8:00 AM – Prepare lunches for kids.

8:22 – Drop frantic wife at train.

8:23 – Drop daughter across street from school. Witness look of panic on her face as she debates whether to run after her mother by crossing street outside of crosswalk, or to use proper method. (She elects the latter.)

8:23:30 – Breathe sigh of relief.

8:26 – Drop son at school without incident.

8:33 – Notice the oldest forgot her homework on the kitchen counter. Consider whether to make a run to her school to drop it off with her secretary.

8:34 – Decide incident is worthy of teachable moment for serially forgetful daughter and leave homework in its spot.

8:35 – Quick bowl of cereal and Sports Center.

8:40 – Enter 2010 business receipts in accounting software.

9:46 – Shower, dress, and prepare for visit to podiatrist.

10:30 – Pre-op appointment with podiatrist. Discuss what to expect for foot surgery. Contemplate potential impact of positive pathology. Marvel at time podiatrist devotes to explaining paperwork to be completed and answering questions.

11:30 – Prepare and send proposal to ad agency for Brazilian Portuguese project.

11:45 – Set up new project from healthcare company.

12:15 PM – Prepare spreadsheet for 2010 tax reporting.

1:00 – Quick lunch and Sports Center.

1:30 – Call and leave messages for Brazilian Portuguese colleagues.

1:45 – Respond to email messages.

2:55 – Drive to son’s school.

3:10 – Drive to daughter’s school.

3:19 – Prepare snacks for kids while they do homework.

3:23 – Pack son’s equipment for Taekwon-Do.

3:40 – Out the door to daughter’s photo shoot.

4:58 – Apologize to son for not being able to leave daughter’s photo shoot which means having to miss Taekwon-Do.

5:40 – Drive home to begin preparing dinner.

6:00 – Check kids’ homework.

6:30 – Play piano with kids.

7:15 – Finish dinner preparation. Drive to train station to retrieve wife.

7:23 – Serve dinner.

8:30 – Watch American Idol with family.

10:00 – Sew sequins on daughters blouse.

11:00 – Me time. Debate but opt not to work on healthcare project. God, I hope that pathology report comes back negative. Collapse.

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