Target's Missing the Mark
What the heck's going on with Target?!?

What happened to Target? I found myself wandering the unkempt, poorly-stocked, disorganized aisles yesterday afternoon in search of size 12-14 white tights for my daughter’s musical, and virtually couldn’t find anything. The mostly women wandering the aisles had me thinking I was way out of my element, and the only one unable to locate the items on his list. But then, while casually eavesdropping, I learned others felt similarly, that their shopping experience in that moment was also less than ideal. Here were row after row of disarray: Bakugan Valentine’s box sets strewn about; broken toy M&M machines; even my cart was falling apart! And a pair of reduced, almost off-season snow pants that looked like they’d been dragged through the snirt (snow mixed with dirt) piled three men high in the parking lot outside.

I remember when it used to be hip, and fun, to visit Targét. And their commercials were so cool…

Yet this time it felt like a poor man’s Marshalls. Is this the beginning of the end?

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