Super Day

February 6. Sunday. Super Bowl.

‘Twas a Super Day.

No conflicting work demands.

Uninterrupted Super Bowl pre-game, game, and post-game viewing; chips and salsa; beer drinking.

Kids joined in to watch *parts of* the game and commercials, with some interest. (AND! My daughter said she wants to learn the game of football so she can understand it better.)

Game was a hard fought match, close throughout, with my favored team awarded the Lombardi trophy.

Christina Aguilera belted the National Anthem. (Who noticed the flub? A bit of flab, perhaps, but those red lips…)

Black Eyed Peas performed a riveting half time show.

And, the best Super Bowl ad I’ve seen in a long time:

A+ for writing.
A+ for direction.
A+ for tapping into the Star Wars zeitgeist–I have a son completely enmeshed in all things Star Wars and felt the spot was written for us.

A++ for a day spent with family and thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

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