How many consecutive hours of TV today will diminish my kids’ chances of getting into Yale?

It’s gnawing at my gut.

That knot of guilt from not having crafted a slew of educational and enriching activities for my kids on this first snow-induced-school-cancellation of the New Year.

Each text message from my wife at work probing what we’re up to ratchets that knot tighter. (I swear she has a built-in sensor that goes off whenever the kids exceed 30 minutes of TV.)

I suppose I could rally the troops for some winter wonderland fun.

But there are projects to be managed. Clients to pitch. Business plans to draw up. A disaster of an “office” to be organized.

So, as the kids put their finishing touches on their third consecutive hour of their special project, and my nine-year old comes upstairs to announce to me that she’s hungry which prompts me to shoot her a sarcastically inquisitive look of, “And…sooooo…what does one DO when one is HUNGRY?”, and my smart phone buzzes again with an inquiry from my wife “just checking in,” I suppose it’s about that time when I need to put away the Exempt-From-Planning-Fun-Things-on-a-School-Cancellation-Snow-Day-Because-I-Work Card, and get down to the business of being a responsible, interactive parent.

Because, after all, we wouldn’t want our kids to be forced to attend a state school now, would we?

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